If you are interested in purchasing a XP Big Bore Pistol, please email sales@xp-airguns.com. Thanks!

Available now :

  • the  SledgeHammer, a .82 / 20mm cal.  Makes up to 400+ fpe
  • the  XP58P, a .58 cal pistol.  Makes up to 300+ fpe

Coming soon:

  • .357 cal pistol
  • .40 cal pistol
  • .72 / 12 guage cal pistol

In development:

  • .45 cal pistol

XP Big Bore Pistols

 Mr. Hollowpoint himself. mrhollowpoint.com

 the SledgeHammer, 20mm pistol

 Youtube video of the SledgeHammer in action. youtube link

We are going to offer a full range of caliber options for the XP Big Bore Pistol line. We are in the process of updating this webpage as we finish final testing and development of these exciting new products. Pricing on the website will be coming soon.